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Our Mission
  1. Miss Norma's Angels is a completely secure environment where your child will be loved, nurtured, and educated. Your sweet angel will be in a safe environment, protected and cared for until your return. Safety isn't just locked doors, and a security system.  Safety is also certified cribs, proper bedding, ceiling fans & "Back to Sleep". Safety is also staying informed about all current issues relating to children.

  2. After being safe, a child needs to feel loved.  Miss Norma's Angels is a family-oriented atmosphere. Miss Norma loves all her sweet angels, and their families.

  3. After being safe, and feeling loved, children should be happy and have fun.  We sing and laugh as much as possible here at Miss Norma's Angels.  

  4. Miss Norma's Angels is a learning environment. When our graduates begin school, we want them to have as full an understanding of the world as possible. Young children are able to learn at a much faster speed and level than most preschools teach. Of course we teach the ABC's & 123's, but we also learn about space, geography, and human anatomy.  Small children are curious about the world, and themselves, and have an amazing ability to learn. 

  5. We follow an established schedule, because children learn healthy boundaries with consistent schedules, especially affecting their eating and sleeping. (Of course, this does not apply to infants, who need to individually establish their own timing, or have their parents determine their schedule, depending on parent preference.) 

  6. Our eating schedule includes breakfast, lunch and a delicious snack.  We follow the nutritional guidelines of the Bright From the Start Food Program, with emphasis upon superior health...always choosing whole grains, and healthy fruits and vegetables. 

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About Miss Norma

Miss Norma's Angels, in historic Roswell, has been caring for children since 1981. 

Miss Norma is college educated, with a BA in Sociology/Psychology.

Miss Norma is the mother of 4 adult children, and 8 beautiful grandchildren. Miss Norma is Registered with the state of Georgia, Licensed by the city of Roswell, who inspect us regularly for fire safety,  Registered with Bright From the Start Food Program, and CPR & First Aid certified.

Miss Norma is a member of Mensa, and thus encourages lifetime learning through our  structured learning program. Many of our graduates begin elementary school significantly above grade level. 

Miss Norma loves all her sweet angels and strives to create a loving family environment, where your little one will play, laugh, love and learn!

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Elizabeth R.

Deciding who will take care of your child during the day is such a huge decision. From the moment we met Ms. Norma, I felt comfortable. She is very warm, nurturing and absolutely loves children. She doesn’t just take care of our son, she knows and loves him. She knows all about him- she understands his moods, validates his feelings and knows what motivates him. He absolutely adores her and on more than one occasion, he hasn’t wanted to leave! She is an amazing teacher. Our son has been talking and learning from an early age. Colors, letters, numbers, geography, history, Spanish, sign language…you name it- she is giving the children a solid foundation for learning and the value of education. 
Ms. Norma is one of the most kind-hearted and patient people I have ever met. She has a heart for children and we are blessed to have her part of our lives.


Deb and Dan B.

Miss Norma is a wonderful person. I feel very fortunate to have found her to care for my children. From the first time I spoke with her on the phone, I knew she was a fit for my baby. I think of her as a second mother for my boys. She has cared for them from the age of 11 weeks until the day before kindergarten. Norma provides a loving and nurturing environment for all the children in her charge. When I dropped my first born off for the first time, I did not worry once. She put me at ease. I knew my baby was going to have a great day. I also was able to learn from Miss. Norma about my children as they went through the different stages of development. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience which also helped me feel at ease. Norma goes out of her way to meet any special needs you have for your child. She understands that each child is different and meets every need in a loving manner. Norma is sensitive to letting you have all the firsts. She would say "I think he is going to be taking his first steps soon" or "He will be saying his first word in the next few days". A working mom does not want to miss the first steps and the first word. My memories of these moments are so precious and I am grateful that she let me have these moments. My boys loved Miss Norma's learning time. She taught them their ABC's, how to write, all of the states, continents, oceans and the Presidents. She taught them their numbers and basic addition. They could count to 20 in spanish and the they learned to sing lots of songs. My boys were both reading by the age of four. When my boys went to kindergarten they were very prepared. The teachers even wanted to move them to first grade. This gave my children confidence in themselves and what they could achieve. The love that Miss Norma gives every child is bountiful. My boys would cry and whine a bit if I picked them up early. They would want me to come back later. Every morning when they were dropped off, they would leap into her arms. As a parent, I could not ask for more. Norma went above and beyond her duties for me and my family. When my husband was deployed for over a year, my schedule changed. She let me dropped the boys off early everyday without ever making me feel guilty and I never heard a complaint. She even organized one weekend day, every other week, for my boys to stay with her or one of the other families that had children at her daycare. She wanted to make sure that I had some time to myself. When I was sick and unable to care for my babies, she suggested I let them stay with her for the week. I am grateful for her generosity. Norma is not just a daycare provider, she is family, and her family is my family.

Kate G.

We have been going to Miss Norma for over 2 years. Since the first day when we came for an interview, we felt at home. My child crawled on her lap and kissed her. I knew I found daycare! Every single day he was up and happy to go to see Miss Norma and his friends! Not once were we disappointed. She provides loving and caring environment with a lot of education and fun. I can't imagine a better place for my child! This is our second child and we've been in different daycare settings. This is by far the best thing ever!

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